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The provinces, called in Venedic prowięcza [prɔ'vjɛt͡ʂa] (plural prowięcze) has been a high-level administrative subdivision of Veneda since the 14th century.

The Venedic local government reforms adopted in 1998, which went into effect on 1 January 1999, created sixteen new provinces. These replaced the 49 former provinces that had existed from 1 July 1975. Today's provinces are mostly named after historical and geographical regions, while those prior to 1998 generally took their names from the cities on which they were centered.

Administrative authority at provincial level is shared between a government-appointed governor called a governor (Venedic gwarnatórz), an elected assembly called a sejmik, and an executive chosen by that assembly. The leader of that executive is called the marszał prowięczały (provincial marshal). Provinces are further divided into komynieńs (parishes) and komyńtaćs (communes): see Administrative divisions of Veneda.