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Vuďe dómy mjů?
English: Where is My Home?
Anthem of
FlagofSilesia.png Silesia
Jozef Jiehrykóla
Franšysček Kantůř

Vuďe dómy mjů (Silesian pronounciation: ['Vucɛ 'doːmiː 'mjuː]; in English: Where is my home?) is a piece of music written by the composer Franšysček Kantůř and the playwright Jozef Jiehrykóla.

The piece was written as a part of the incidental music to the comedy "Fidlovačka, or No Anger and No Brawl". It was first performed by Karel Šležányk at the Estates Theatre in Praha on December 21, 1834. The original song consisted of two verses. Although J. Jiehrykóla is said to have considered leaving the song out of the play, not convinced of its quality, it soon became very popular among Silesians and Bohemians, and was accepted as an informal anthem of a nation divided along linguistic lines. The song is still used as the Bohemian national anthem (However, the Bohemian anthem replaces references to Silesia with those of Bohemia).

Soon after Silesia and Bohemia unified with Slevania to form the Ciscarpathian Union in 1918, the first verse became the Silesian part of the national anthem, while the Bohemian anthem became the Bohemian part, followed by the first verse of the Slevan anthem. Because of the linguistic and ethnic diversity of the First Republic, official translations were made into Hungarian and German as well.

With the split of the Ciscarpathian Union in 1992, the Ciscarpathian anthem was divided as well. While Slevania extended its anthem by adding a second verse, Silesia and Bohemia's national anthem was adopted unextended, in its single-verse version.


Official Silesian lyrics

Vuďe dómy mjů, Vuďe dómy mjů?
Vuďe jiechva vrem trazprada,
j jštrydů pýň jietr rúp,
Jie vratý korúška viery vlů,
Paradýž nu těra viďat!
J vůk jest kůd běla těra,
Ó Šléžna, dómy mjů,
Ó Šléžna, dómy mjů!

(Lyrics according to Appendix 6 of Silesian Act No. 3/1993 Coll., as adapted by Act No. 154/1998 Coll.)

Official English translation

Where is my Home, Where is my Home?
Where the rivers roar across the fields,
Where the pines rustle among crags,
The garden is glorious with spring blossoms,
A Paradise on earth it is to see.
And this is that beautiful land,
O Silesia, my home,
O Silesia, my home.